• Member of the Management Committee of COST Action CA21163 (Text, functional and other high dimensional data in econometrics: New models, methods, applications (HiTEc))
  • D. E. Davos, I. C. Demetriou, Convex-Concave fitting to successively updated data and its application to Covid-19 analysis, J. of Combinatorial Optimization (2022) 44:3233–3262.
  • I. C. Demetriou, A binary search algorithm for univariate data approximation and estimation of extrema by piecewise monotonic constraints, J. of Global Optimization, 82, 2022, 691–726.

  • I. C. Demetriou, A O(n) algorithm for the discrete best L4 monotonic approximation problem, Econometrics and Statistics, 17, 2021, 130-144. Online publication:

  • I. C. Demetriou, Separation theorems for the extrema of best piecewise monotonic approximations to successive data, Optimization Methods and Software, Vol. 35, Issue 3, 2020, 439-459 

  • Member of the Editorial Board (Associate Editor) of the journal  SN Operations Research Forum, Springer Nature, 2019

  • Approximation and Optimization: Algorithms, Complexity and Applications  (editors I. C. Demetriou and P. M. Pardalos), Springer Optimization and Its Applications 145, 238 pp., ISBN 978-3-030-12767-1. An edited collection of research papers, proceedings of the homonymous conference, June 29-30, 2017, Athens, Greece. 

          Review: ​Burdakov, O.

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