Short Bio


I am a graduate of the Department of Chemistry of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (1987) and I hold M.Sc. (1988) and Ph.D. (1993) degrees in Chemistry from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA. I have worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of ISOF (formerly ICOCEA), CNR, Bologna, Italy (1994-1998) with Individual Marie Curie and Ciba-Geigy scholarships and the University of Crete (Marie Curie Return Grant and “Career Award for Greek-speaking researchers working abroad”, 1998-2000). I have served in the Department of Chemistry as Lecturer (2000-2004), Assistant (2004-2008), Tenured Assistant (2008-2010), Associate Professor (2010-2019) and Full Professor (2019-present).

During my term at the University of Athens, I have taught all semesters in the basic courses "Organic Chemistry I, II, III" at the Department of Chemistry, "Organic Chemistry I" at the Department of Biology, "Introduction of Computers in Chemistry" (course and laboratory), Laboratory in Organic Chemistry I & II, an elective 4th year course "Lessons in Bioorganic Chemistry"  as well as postgraduate courses (Databases, Synthesis of Oligonucleotides and Stereoselective Synthesis). Within the framework of education, I have prepared students’ participation and were part of the scientific committee of the Chemistry Olympiad, I have given a seminar to the Hellenic Chemists’ Association and demonstration experiments for high school students and the Chemistry Department’s "Open Day" at the NKUA.

In administrative work, I have served as the Director of Division II of the Chemistry Department (2019-present), in Committees (OMEA Coordinator 2016-2018, General Assembly 2002-2007, 2008-present, Committee for Improving Functions in ELKE, 2014-present, member of AC (2003-today) of the graduate program “Organic Synthesis and Applications in the Chemical Industry", Practice Exercise Committee (2018-present), Fire Safety (2012-present), Seminars (2014-2018), etc and I have participated in organizational and administrative work of the Department of Chemistry to ensure proper operation. I have been a member of Electoral Bodies for Academic Staff tenure, new faculty positions and PD407 and as an alternate member of the University Senate. I have been a member and Supervisor of Scientific Committees of 5 Research Conferences, co-organizer of five conferences and reviewer for articles in scientific journals and research programs.

I have supervised the work of >103 young researchers (>61 undergraduates in >36 diploma theses, >33 M.Sc., >9 Ph.D. candidates with funding from "Heraclitus II" and "IKY" programs, of which 3 PhD and 5 MSc theses are in progress. Finally, I have employed 6 postdoctoral researchers (one in progress), funded by research projects (Cooperation 2011, European Research Training Network, etc).

I have secured funding through >20 competitive research projects from National and European funds and I have managed funds over € 1 million directly (ELKE) and indirectly (COST, LASERLAB, EPEAEK). Through them I have developed collaborations with laboratories in Greece and abroad to support my research activity.
My research in the field of Synthetic Organic Chemistry focuses on three main directions: (a) Synthesis and study of oxidative produced DNA lesions, (b) Synthesis and study of glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors, and (c) Chemistry of oleuropein and related natural secoiridoid natural products.

The results of the research in the above fields have been published in >70 Theses (36 undergraduate, 33 MSc and 4 PhD) and >51 international publications with peer review (>10 reviews and/or book chapters and >41 original articles), and >70 presentations in national and international conferences, while they have been presented in >20 invited lectures.