My scientific (research and educational) interests focus, primarily, on Oceanography and, secondarily, Physical Geography, and in particular, on issues related to coastal geomorphology.

My oceanographic experience covers the aspects of descriptive physical oceanography, shelf dynamic oceanography (waves, currents, tides), environmental oceanography (e.g. water pollution, environmental status of seabed sediments), marine geology and geophysics (e.g. subbottom stratigraphy), sediment dynamics (dispersion, resuspension, transport).

In the area of Physical Geography my interests refer to the processes involved in the air-sea-land interaction that relates to coastal zone formation and evolution. Thus, I am involved in studies related to coastal landforms (i.e. deltas, lagoons, beach barriers and islands, beaches and dunes) and studies concerning riverine water and sediment fluxes, coastal erosion, sea level changes, aspects of coastal meteorology (e.g. storms), coastal archaeology, climate change (impacts and mitigation) and coastal zone management.