Areti Andreopoulou, PhD

Dr. Areti Andreopoulou is an Assistant Professor in Music Technology, at the Department of Music Studies, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), Greece, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses pertinent to the scientific field of Music Technology.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Studies from the Department of Studies, NKUA (2005) and a Master’s (2008) and a Ph.D degree (2014) in Music Technology from New York University.

She conducts research as a member of the Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology (LabMAT) NKUA. Her fields of interest include but are not limited to 3D and spatial audio, the design and evaluation of immersive auditory environments, auditory displays, multimodal interactions, data sonification, acoustics, and audio signal processing.