Konstantinidou A.synopsis

Professor A. Konstantinidou studied Medicine at the National and Kapodistrian (NK) University of Athens, Greece (1984) and subsequently was awarded a postgraduate fellowship in Human Genetics at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, granted by the Dutch Government (1985-1986). She specialized in Pathology in Athens (1991) and received additional training in France (Institut Jean Godinot, Reims – 1990, Institut Marie Curie, Paris – 1993) and in the U.K. (Hammersmith Hospital, London -1988, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, 2009, Birmingham Women’s Hospital, Birmingham 2014) in General Pathology, Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology and Developmental Neuropathology. She trained in Fetal Pathology initially in Paris (Hôpital Universitaire CHU Bichat, 1994-1995), became an IPPA graduate (2007) and attended 12 international advanced Courses in Fetal, Perinatal and Paediatric Pathology. She has worked as a Consultant Perinatal Pathologist at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust, U.K. (2014, 2015, 2016).

Prof. A. Konstantinidou has been an invited tutor or lecturer in advanced courses in Perinatal/Paediatric Pathology and is recognized as an international expert and speaker in the field of Perinatal Pathology, resulting in numerous invitations to contribute to educational activities at a national and international level. She has served on many national and international committees and is currently a Committee Member of the European Society of Pathology and of the Hellenic Society of Perinatal Medicine.

She has obtained 3 fellowships, as well as 14 international and national awards for her research work, and has participated in multiple research programs sponsored by the Greek government and/or the EU, or the private sector. Her research interests in the recent years include all aspects of Fetal and Perinatal Pathology, focusing on genetic syndromes of the human fetus, skeletal dysplasias, congenital infections, neonatal encephalopathy, and pathology of the placenta.

Since 1998, she holds an academic position at the NK University of Athens, Greece, and is currently a Professor with clinical assignment, responsible of fetal, perinatal and neonatal postmortem examinations at the 1rst University Dept. of Pathology and at the Pathology dept. Aretaieion hospital, having overall carried out approx. 3000 autopsies and 4500 placenta examinations, referred to the department from regional national hospitals and private clinics all over Greece. She receives consultation cases at international level, mainly cases of fetal skeletal dysplasias.

She is the author or co-author of 20 chapters on Perinatal and Placental Pathology, in textbooks or electronic platforms, including editions such as Cambridge University Press. She has published over 120 articles in peer-reviewed international and Greek medical journals, with over 1880 citations. She speaks 5 languages.