I graduated from the School of Philosophy of Athens University in 1995; I hold an MA in European Studies (University of Exeter/Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Rennes) (1996) and an MA in European Organisation and Diplomacy (Athens School of Law, Economics and Political Science) (1998). In 2000 I became a research fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, where I conducted research on the challenges and prospects of EU – Council of Europe relations. Ιn 2006, I was awarded a PhD in international relations/organisation (title: Political Culture and the conduct of Greek foreign policy within the framework of international organizations) (Athens School of Law, Economics and Political Science). Since 1997 I have worked as a researcher/coordinator in numerous European projects in the field of cultural, environmental and maritime governance (HORIZON 2020, 5th, 6th, 7th Framework Programmes, ERASMUS+, COST). In 2006 I worked as a researcher at the Hellenic Centre for European Studies on EU maritime policy and EU enlargement. In 2007 I was appointed Special Advisor on EU maritime policy at the Academic Centre of Analysis and Planning of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2007-2009) in charge of EU maritime governance issues. I have participated as a member of the Greek delegation to the European Conference on the Integrated Maritime Policy of the EU (Portoroz 2008), the European Maritime Day (Rome 2009), the 25th General Assembly of the UNESCO Inter-Governmental Oceanographic Commission (Paris 2009) and several other experts and high officials’ meetings. Since 2007 I have taught in several universities and research institutions in Greece, including the Diplomatic Academy of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Security School of the Police Academy and the Training Institute (INEP) of the National Center for Public Administration and Local Government. Since 2017 I am an Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration.