Christina Alexandris, Associate Professor

Christina K. Alexandris is Associate Professor in Computational Linguistics and German Linguistics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. She is Head of the Journalism Computational Linguistics Laboratory (JCL Lab) at the National Technical University of Athens (in collaboration with the Danube University Krems, Austria, “Athena”- Research and Innovation Center, Athens, Institution of Promotion of Journalism Ath.Vas. Botsi, Athens).

Christina Alexandris has been involved in bilingual and multilingual Computational Linguistics applications since 1995 as a graduate student and Fulbright scholar in the MSc in Computational Linguistics program, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA USA. She has participated in national and EU research projects (1996 – 2009) and collaborated with the Universal Networking Language (UNL) Project of the United Nations, United Nations Research Center, Tokyo, Japan (2010-2015).

She is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) since 2015. She has organized the “Socio-cultural Aspects in Monolingual and Multilingual Human-Computer” sessions in the Human-Computer Interaction International (HCII) conferences since 2011 (Orlando, FL, 2011, Las Vegas, NV, 2013, Crete, Greece, 2014, Los Angeles, CA, 2015, Vancouver, Canada, 2017, Orlando, FL, 2019 and Copenhagen 2020-Virtual Conference). Her research interests involve linguistic aspects and linguistic issues in Human-Computer Interaction, Speech Technology Applications and Multilingual Applications as well as special applications for Journalism.

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