About Georgios Vavouranakis

Georgios Vavouranakis is an archaeologist specializing in Aegean Prehistory and archaeological theory. His specific research interests include Minoan Crete, funerary rites, landscape archaeology, the social role of architecture and the role of images, especially digital images, in archaeological discourse. Major publications in the above topics include two papers in the American Journal of Archaeology (2005 and 2014) and an edited volume on the "Seascape in Aegean Prehistory" published by the Danish Institute at Athens (2011).
Georgios has extensive fieldwork experience, too. He co-directed and co-published the rescue excavation of four Middle Bronze tombs at Audemou, southwest Cyprus, before obtaining his undergraduate degree and has been a senior research associate and field supervisor at the excavation of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens at Neolithic settlement of Kantou-Kouphovounos in Cyprus. He is currently directing the publication of the Early-Middle Bronze tholos tomb B at Apesokari in southern Crete and co-directing the departmental excavation of the Prehistoric-Classical site of Plasi, Marathon in Attica.