Irini APOSTOLOU (UOA Ptycheion, Paris-Nanterre DEUG,  Paris-Sorbonne DEA, DOCTORAT )

Associate Professor of French Cultural History, Department of French Language and Literature, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Paris-Sorbonne University, DEA, PhD 2003.

Areas of Research : Travel writing and iconography, Orientalism, Antiquarianism, History of French Art, Iconography  and French Cultural History.

Irini Apostolou has mostly worked on eighteenth and nineteenth century France. Her research examines the relationship between West and East and focuses on the French Travelers perception of the East. More recently she is interested in Orientalist photography.  

She has published : L’Orientalisme des voyageurs français au XVIIIe siècle : une iconographie de l’Orient méditerranéen, PUPS, 2009. L’image de l’espace grec à travers la Revue le Tour du monde, 2012 (in Greek) and edited the Albert Camus Symposium Proceedings organized by the Department of French Language and Literature.

She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Early and Contemporary French History, Cultural History, French Art History, Travel Literature and Decolonization.  

Several of her publications are available through