Panagiotis Nastos

Professor / Climatology and Atmospheric Environment / National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
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Professor Dr. Panagiotis Nastos (PN) is the Director of the Laboratory of Climatology and Atmospheric Environment and the Director of the MSc Program “Water, Biosphere and Climate Change”, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens ( PN is the President of the Hellenic Meteorological Society since 2010, member of the Coordination Committee of the Center of Excellence “Natural Disaster Management” of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and member of the International Scientific Committee of the UNESCO Chair on Conservation and Ecotourism of Riparian and Deltaic Ecosystems “Con-E-Ect”, since 2019. PN has supervised a significant number of PhDs and post-graduated dissertations in the field of Climatology and Atmospheric Environment. PN has twenty-five years of research experience in Climate Change and Variability, Human Biometeorology, Urban Environment and Human Health, Extreme Weather and Climate, Impacts of Ambient Air Pollution. PN is an active member of more than 50 editorial boards, international academic societies and journals and he has been invited speaker in workshops, seminars, and conferences concerning climate change and variability, extreme weather, urban thermal environment and impacts on human health and tourism. PN has published more than 470 scientific papers, of which 180 in International Scientific Journals and the other in International, National Conferences and Published Books in the field of Climatology and Atmospheric Environment (>7000 citations, h-index = 45). PN has participated in 35 EU and national research projects as project manager/senior researcher. More information about PN is available at:,
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Selected Publications

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  2. Nastos, P.T., Kapsomenakis, J., 2015, Regional climate model simulations of extreme air temperature in Greece. Abnormal or common records in the future climate? Atmospheric Research, Vol. 152, pp. 43-60.
  3. Nastos, P.T., Vassilakis E., Nastos. M.-P., P., Charalampopoulos, I., Matzarakis, A., 2017, Assessment of continuous sky view factor based on ultra-high resolution natural colour images acquired by remotely piloted airborne systems for applications in an urban area of Athens. International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 38(20), pp. 5814-5829.
  4. Nastos, P.T., Papadimou, K.K., Matsangouras, I.T., 2018, Mediterranean tropical-like cyclones: Impacts and composite daily means and anomalies of synoptic patterns. Atmospheric Research, Vol. 208, pp. 156-166.
  5. Nastos, P.T., Kostianoy, A.G., Serykh, I.V. 2022, The Aegean Sea Air Temperature Changes. In: The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.