Assessment of surface ozone variability in an urban coastal area at the Eastern Mediterranean


Proias, G.T., Larissi, I.K., Moustris, K.P., Nastos, P.T. & Paliatsos, A.G. Assessment of surface ozone variability in an urban coastal area at the Eastern Mediterranean. Global Nest Journal 15, (2013). Copy at


The surface ozone is a pollutant of major concern due to its impact on receptors, at currently occurring ambient levels in many regions of the world. The aim of this work is to present the results derived from an analysis of hourly surface ozone concentrations, measured at the urban station of Volos, a coastal medium-sized city at the eastern seaboard of Central Greece, during the 8-year period 2001-2008. The regional climate that is characterized by hot and dry summers with intense sunshine plays an important role in the observed exceedances of the air quality ozone limits. The analysis showed that, ozone diurnal patterns depict daytime photochemical ozone built up, during the sunlight hours of the day. It is remarkable that the maximum daily 8-h averages often exceeded the standard value that is assigned by the EU Directive for human health protection, during almost the warm period of the year, mainly at noon and afternoon hours. © 2013 Global NEST Printed in Greece. All rights reserved.


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