Professor Saoulidou received her Bachelors degree (1996) and PhD (2003) from the Physics Department of the University Athens, Greece working on the DONUT (Direct Observation of the tau Neutrino) experiment at Fermilab (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory), Chicago, USA. This experiment directly observed the tau neutrino, the last known elementary particle of the Standard Model. In 2003 she moved to Fermilab, Chicago,USA, as a postdoctoral research associate and joined the MINOS (Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search) experiment, which confirmed neutrino oscillations with accelerator neutrinos. In 2006, as a Fermilab Wilson Fellow (fast tenure track position equivalent to an Assist. Prof.), continued her research in the MINOS and NOvA (Numi Off-axis nue Appearance) neutrino experiments, and contributed in the planning of future long baseline neutrino experiments in the USA proposing what is now called the DUNE experiment. In 2009 she joined the CMS experiment as a Fermilab Wilson Fellow, and relocated at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland). In the Spring of 2011 she returned to Greece as an Assistant Professor at the Physics Department of the University of Athens. Since June of 2018 she is an Associate Prof. at NKUA, Greece.

At CMS Prof. Saoulidou initially worked in the analysis of the first experimental data studying the characteristics of jets. She developed the Particle Flow (PF) jet identification criteria now used by all CMS physics analyses, and served [2010-2012] as the co-Convener of the CMS "Jet Algorithms" Physics Object Group (POG) in charge of the study and monitoring of jet characteristics, and the determination of the jet energy resolution. She then used jets to perform key measurements of Quantum Chromodynamics and served [2012-2014]  as the co-Convener of the CMS Physics Analysis Group (PAG) "Standard Model Physics with Jets". Since 2014 Prof. Saoulidou, together with her group, focuses mainly on new physics searches with jets in the final state, utilizing multi-jet events to search for Dark Matter, extra dimensions, W', Z' etc hunting for resonances, broad and narrow, in the dijet and paired dijet mass distributions. In 2014-2017 she served as the co-Convener of the CMS PAG "Exotica searches with Jes+X", and in 2018-2019 she was the contact author of the CMS Dijet resonance search with the full Run II data-set. Since 2017 Prof. Saoulidou with her group are also key members of the CMS JETMET group that provides jet energy corrections and  jet identification criteria for all CMS analyses. In 2017-2019  she served in the CMS EXO-B2G  Publications Committee, and in 2019-2021 she served the co-Convener (L2) of the CMS EXOTICA group, which is one of the two largest new physics search groups. Currently she is a member of the CMS Conference Committee, the CMS EXO-B2G Publication Committee, and the CMS Diversity Office.

  Since 2023, Prof. Saoulidou is also chairing the international Long-Baseline Neutrino Committee (LBNC), charged by the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Director, and is an ex-officio member of  Fermilab's  Physics Advisory Committee (PAC).

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