Publications by Year: 2019

Pantazopoulos PA, Stefanou N. Layered optomagnonic structures: Time Floquet scattering-matrix approach. Physical Review B. 2019;99(14):144415 (11 pages).Abstract
A fully dynamic theoretical approach to layered optomagnonic structures, based on a time Floquet scattering-matrix method, is developed. Its applicability is demonstrated on a simple design of a dual photonic-magnonic cavity, formed by sandwiching a magnetic garnet thin film between two dielectric Bragg mirrors, subject to continuous excitation of a perpendicular standing spin wave. Some remarkable phenomena, including nonlinear photon-magnon interaction effects and enhanced inelastic light scattering in the strong-coupling regime, fulfilling a triple-resonance condition, are analyzed and the limitations of the quasistatic adiabatic approximation are established.
Pantazopoulos PA, Papanikolaou N, Stefanou N. Tailoring coupling between light and spin waves with dual photonic-magnonic resonant layered structures. Journal of Optics. 2019;21(1):015603 (9 pages).Abstract
We report on judiciously designed stratified periodic structures of magnetic dielectric materials with a localized defect layer, which are able to concurrently confine light and spin waves in the same ultra-small defect region for a long time period, thus resulting in enhanced photon–magnon interaction and large dynamic optical frequency shift. Our results for a specific realization of such a one-dimensional, so-called photomagnonic, crystal magnetized at saturation perpendicular to the interfaces, obtained by means of rigorous calculations using scattering-matrix techniques, show that the inherently weak coupling between visible/near-infrared light and GHz-frequency spin waves can be greatly increased leading to strong modulation of the optical field through multi-magnon exchange mechanisms. Such novel multifunctional composite materials offer a promising platform for tailoring light–spin-wave coupling in view of fast and energy-efficient spin-optical information processing applications.