HoNESt (History of Nuclear Energy and Society) involves an interdisciplinary team with many experienced researchers and 24 high profile research institutions. HoNESt’s goal is to conduct a three-year interdisciplinary analysis of the experience of nuclear developments and its relationship to contemporary society with the aim of improving the understanding of the dynamics over the last 60 years. Project's results will assist the current debate on future energy sources and the transition to affordable, secure, and clean energy production. Civil society's interaction with nuclear developments changes over time, and it is locally, nationally and transnationally specific. HoNESt will embrace the complexity of political, technological and economic challenges; safety; risk perception and communication, public engagement, media framing, social movements, etc. Research on these interactions has thus far been mostly fragmented.

Work Programme Horizon 2020 /  Euratom EURATOM FISSION (NFRP-2014-2015) NFRP-12-2015 Nuclear developments and interaction with society 

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NKUA coordinator: Aristotle Tympas

For more information, contact: Aristotle Tympas (tympas (at) phs.uoa.gr)