Cluster formation in oxygen-deficient La0.5Yb0.5Ba2Cu3Oy


Guskos N, Likodimos V, Typek J, Wabia M, Fuks H. Cluster formation in oxygen-deficient La0.5Yb0.5Ba2Cu3Oy. Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids [Internet]. 1999;151:121-129.


The EPR spectra of the oxygen-deficient La0.5Yb0.5Ba2Cu3Oy mixed phase has been investigated as a function of temperature. At low temperatures (T<15 K), an intense EPR line indicating the presence of magnetic clusters associated with spin-polarized clusters of copper ions through delocalized oxygen holes, has been detected. Both the EPR linewidth and g-factor of the latter EPR spectrum exhibit strong temperature dependence indicative of short-range order effects. At higher temperatures (T>30 K), the EPR spectrum reveal the contribution of Cu2+ defects and a broad EPR spectrum due to Yb3+ ions which is compared with the corresponding one in Y0.5Yb0.5Ba2Cu3Oy compounds.


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