EPR study of the Ag6S3O4 compound prepared by two methods


Guskos N, Typek J, Likodimos V, Fuks H, Wabia M, Walczak J, Lukaszczyk-Tomaszewicz E. EPR study of the Ag6S3O4 compound prepared by two methods. Applied Magnetic Resonance [Internet]. 1998;14:403-408.


{The temperature dependence of the EPR spectra of the recently discovered Ag6S3O4 phase in the Ag-O-S system prepared by two methods, the known method of co-precipitation from aqueous solution and a new method depending on the interaction of Ag2S and Ag2SO4 solid reagents, has been investigated. No EPR spectra were observed at room temperature, while at liquid helium temperature a number of EPR spectra have been recorded, which disappeared upon increasing temperature up to liquid nitrogen temperature. The sample obtained by the co-precipitation method revealed an intense, rich EPR spectrum that has been tentatively interpreted assuming the presence of at least two different Ag2+ ion complexes, one monomer resulting in an intense anisotropic, rhombic EPR powder pattern with g1 = 1.93(1)


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