EPR study of Dy3+ ions in DyBa2Cu3O6+x


Likodimos V, Guskos N, Typek J, Wabia M. EPR study of Dy3+ ions in DyBa2Cu3O6+x. European Physical Journal B [Internet]. 2001;24:143-147.


Concentrated polycrystalline DyBa2Cu3O6+cursive Greek chi compounds are studied by X-band EPR spectroscopy. A broad resonance line due to the highly anisotropic EPR spectrum of Dy3+ ions is identified on several specimens at low temperatures. Powder simulation of the EPR spectra complies with the ground Kramers doublet predicted by crystal field analysis of Dy3+ ions. Calculations of the second and fourth moments of the resonance lines due to the dipole-dipole interactions of Dy3+ indicate the presence of substantial exchange narrowing of the dipolar-broadened EPR linewidth.


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