Magnetic properties of the antiferromagnetic site-disordered vanadate Zn2FeV3O11


Likodimos V, Guskos N, Glenis S, Szymczak R, Bezkrovnyi A, Wabia M, Typek J, Gasiorek G, Kurzawa M, Rychlowska-Himmel I, et al. Magnetic properties of the antiferromagnetic site-disordered vanadate Zn2FeV3O11. European Physical Journal B [Internet]. 2004;38:13-18.


The magnetic properties of the Zr2FeV3O11 vanadate, characterized by a disordered distribution of diamagnetic Zn 2+ and high-spin Fe3+ ions, are studied using magnetization and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) measurements. The dc susceptibility reveals antiferromagnetic interactions between Fe3 +spins with a Curie-Weiss temperature Θ = -58(1) K, followed by a transition to a frozen, spin-glass-like state at low temperature T f ≈ 2.55 K, indicating an inhomogeneous magnetic ground state. The temperature variation of the EPR parameters confirms the antiferromagnetic coupling of Fe3+ spins at high temperatures, while a distinct divergence is observed at T ≈ 55 K. This behavior is attributed to the inherent magnetic inhomogeneity of the system due to antiferromagnetic spin clusters.


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