Neutron diffraction study of Mg2FeV3O 11-δ


Guskos N, Wabia M, Kurzawa M, Beskrovnyj A, Likodimos V, Typek J, Rychlowska-Himmel I, Blonska-Tabero A. Neutron diffraction study of Mg2FeV3O 11-δ. Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids [Internet]. 2003;158:369-374.


The neutron diffraction patterns of Mg2FeV3O 11-δ compound at various low temperatures have been investigated. No magnetic ordering was observed in the investigated temperature range down to 10K. These materials have been formed in the triclinic space group but there are specific differences in the positions of atoms as compared to previously determined from XRD method. The iron(III) ions are distributed non-statistically with magnesium(II) ions and this could be responsible for some differences in the structure of the above sample. The method of sample preparation, in particularly thermal annealing processes could be responsible for the differences.


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