Structural, magnetic, and EPR studies of BaCuO2+x


Guskos N, Likodimos V, Londos CA, Psycharis V, Mitros C, Koufoudakis A, Gamari-Seale H, Windsch W, Metz H. Structural, magnetic, and EPR studies of BaCuO2+x. Journal of Solid State Chemistry [Internet]. 1995;119:50-61.


XRD, magnetic susceptibility, and EPR studies are reported for the BaCuO2+x compound in both the oxygenated and nonoxygenated phases. The XRD analysis has shown essential differences in the disordered part between the oxygenated and the nonoxygenated samples. The magnetic susceptibility measurements have shown strong ferromagnetic intracluster interactions among copper ions in the ordered part of the compound. At low temperature, antiferromagnetic intercluster interactions mediated by the disordered part predominate. EPR measurements in both phases have revealed a spectrum of Cu2+ ions, in orthorhombic local symmetry, which is attributed to copper ions in the disordered part. An intense exchange-narrowed EPR line has also been observed in both phases, which is ascribed to the copper clusters in the ordered part. The temperature dependence of the intensity and linewidth of this line is consistent with the bulk magnetic behaviour. At low temperature, the divergent behaviour of the EPR parameters indicates that antiferromagnetic ordering may occur. Additionally, it was found that the EPR spectra are essentially influenced by thermal treatment and the ordering of the oxygen atoms in the disordered part of the compound. © 1995 Academic Press Limited.


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