Visible light induced wetting of nanostructured N-F co-doped titania films


Kontos AG, Pelaez M, Likodimos V, Vaenas N, Dionysiou DD, Falaras P. Visible light induced wetting of nanostructured N-F co-doped titania films. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences [Internet]. 2011;10:350-354.


Nitrogen and fluorine co-doped TiO2 films have been prepared by dip coating of a modified titania sol-gel based on a nitrogen precursor and a nonionic fluorosurfactant as pore template and fluorine source. The modified NF-TiO2 films absorb in the visible spectral range, between 400-510 nm and undergo reversible hydrophilic conversion under visible light to a final contact angle of 8°, in contrast to the UV limited optical response of their undoped anatase TiO2 analogues. The phenomenon takes place at a rate slower than the corresponding one observed for the UV stimulated superhydrophilic effect. The wetting response of the N-F doped TiO2 films correlates well with the variation of their optical properties and surface morphological characteristics and most importantly with their photocatalytic activity, rendering these materials very promising for self-cleaning applications under visible light. © 2011 The Royal Society of Chemistry and Owner Societies.


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