Subject and EPP in Greek: The discontinuous subject hypothesis


Spyropoulos, Vassilios, and Irene Philippaki-Warburton. 2001. Subject and EPP in Greek: The discontinuous subject hypothesis. Journal of Greek Linguistics 2: 149-186.


In the present study we examine the notion ‘subject’ in finite clauses in Greek, a null-subject language, and we investigate the connection between the rich morphological marking of subject-agreement on the verb and the definition of this notion. We propose that ‘subject’ in Greek should be analysed as a discontinuous element which consists of a null nominal element in the SpecTP position satisfying the Extended Projection Principle (EPP), associated with a pro at the relevant theta-position inside the VP. We argue that this analysis has not only the theoretical advantage of maintaining the universally strong value of EPP, but also, perhaps more importantly, the descriptive advantage of providing a satisfactory explanation for a number of apparent idiosyncrasies of Greek constructions.