Publications by Year: 2016

Vassiou, A., Mouratidis, A., Andreou, E., & Kafetsios, K. (2016). Students' achievement goals, emotion perception ability and affect and performance in the classroom: a multilevel examination. Educational PsychologyEducational Psychology, 36, 879-897.Abstract
Performance at school is affected not only by students' achievement goals but also by emotional exchanges among classmates and their teacher. In this study, we investigated relationships between students' achievement goals and emotion perception ability and class affect and performance. Participants were 949 Greek adolescent students in 49 classes and their Greek language and mathematics teachers. Results from multilevel analyses indicated that students' mastery-approach and performance-approach goals were positively related to positive affect whereas performance-avoidance goals were negatively related to positive affect. At class-level, relationships between achievement goals and affect were moderated by students' emotion perception ability. These findings highlight the importance of emotion abilities and their role in motivational processes for class-level outcomes.
Vansteenkiste, M., Matos, L., & Mouratidis, A. (2016). A tribute to Dr. Willy Lens. Psychologica BelgicaPsychologica Belgica, 56, 311-316.Abstract
Dr. Willy Lens, born on December 10th, 1943, passed away on August 29th, 2014. With his passing, the motivation community has lost a seminal member, a mentor, and a friend. Dr. Lens - a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science and Founding Fellow of the American Educational Research Association - made fundamental contributions to the study of motivation both through his own work and through his caring and thoughtful mentorship of a large community of scholars. With this tribute, we want to honor Dr. Willy Lens' significance to psychology and education as well as his positive influence, both personally and professionally, on the lives of dozens of scholars. With his contagious enthusiasm and caring mentorship, Willy was an example for our academic community and with this tribute we express our gratitude for the privilege to have collaborated with him. © 2016 The Author(s).
Michou, A., Mouratidis, A., Ersoy, E., & Uğur, H. (2016). Social achievement goals, needs satisfaction, and coping among adolescents. Personality and Individual DifferencesPersonality and Individual Differences, 99, 260-265. presented at the 9//.Abstract
Ιn a sample of Turkish adolescents (N = 1614), we investigated whether pursuing social demonstration-approach goals (to attain popularity), next to social development goals (to cultivate meaningful relationships), explains differences in need satisfaction and frustration and coping. Cluster analysis showed that students who favored social development over social demonstration-approach goals reported less need frustration and defensive coping than students who favored both goals. These results were replicated with a prospective analysis with part of the initial sample (N = 425) as students who endorsed both goals reported more defensive coping five months later than students who mainly favored social development goals over social demonstration-approach goals.
Delrue, J.,, Mouratidis, A.,, Haerens, L.,, De Muynck, G.-J.,, Aelterman, N.,, & Vansteenkiste, M. (2016). Intrapersonal Achievement Goals and Underlying Reasons among Long Distance Runners: Their Relation with Race Experience, Self-Talk, and Running Time. Psychologica BelgicaPsychologica Belgica, 56, 288-310.
Vansteenkiste, M., & Mouratidis, A. (2016). Emerging Trends and Future Directions for the Field of Motivation Psychology: A Special Issue in Honor of Prof. Dr. Willy Lens. Psychologica BelgicaPsychologica Belgica, 56, 118–142.