Professor of Byzantine History
Department of History and Archaeology
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


    • 2000:    Ph.D. in Byzantine history (University of Athens) (''The woman in the Byzantine society (8th-11th c.). Her image in the hagiographical texts'').
    • 1981:    Diploma in History (University of Athens)
    • February 2022 –        :  Professor of Byzantine History.
    • March 2016  February 2022: Associate Professor of Byzantine History
    • April 2008  March 2016: Assistant Professor of Byzantine History, Department of History and Archaeology (NKUA).
    • April 2007 – April 2008: Senior Researcher at the IBR / NHRF. [Program “Everyday and Social Life in Byzantium”].
    • 2002 – April 2007: Research Associate at the IBR / NHRF. [Program “Everyday and Social Life in Byzantium”]
    • 19882002 Functional Researcher at the Institute for Byzantine Research / National Hellenic Research Foundation. [Program ''Byzantium and the World of the Balkans''].
    • 19841988 Teacher at ''PierceCollege'', American College of St. Paraskevi, Athens.
    • 19821988 Associate member of the former Chair of History of the ByzantineState during the fulfilment of the project for the catalogue of the published Christian and Byzantine inscriptions

Byzantine History– Byzantine women – Byzantine society – Hagiography – Epigraphy