Current funding:

  "3D-printed wearable sensors based on metal-organic frameworks for the electrochemical sweat glucose monitoring". Action “Research-Create-innovate-cycle B". Collaboration with A. Economou, N. Thomaidis, G. Papaefstathiou (University of Athens), P. Zafiropoulos Plc, FORTH  Budget: 841.503 € (more...)

2020-2021: "3D-printed microdevices for electrochemical bioassays using quantum dots as labels". Action "Support for researchers with emphasis on young researchers-cycle B". Budget: 41.500 €

Completed projects:

"Development and analytical applications of low-cost electrochemical microfluidicpaper-based biosensors using quantum dots as labels" IKY Action: "Strengthening Postdoctoral Researchers".  Budget: 24.000 €.

“Development of ultra-sensitive electrochemical DNA biosensors exploiting micro- and nano- technologies”.GSRT  Action: "Supporting Postdoctoral Researchers" of the Operational Program "Education and Lifelong Learning" . Budget: 150.000 €