Publications by Year: 2014

Bökesoy S, Georgaki A, Kouroupetroglou G. A Recursive Mapping System for Motion and Sound in a Robot between Human Interaction Design. In: ICMC. ; 2014.
Stavropoulou S, Georgaki A, Moschos F. The Effectiveness of visual feedback singing vocal technology in Greek Elementary School. In: ICMC. ; 2014.
Kosteletos G, Georgaki A. From Digital ‘Echos’ to virtual ‘ethos’: Ethical aspects of Music Technology. In: ICMC. ; 2014.Abstract
In the present paper we aim to examine MusicTechnology through the lens of the ethical issuestypically raised in the field of Philosophy of Technologyregarding technological practices other than musiccomposition, performance, reproduction and distribution.With this analysis we will try not only to highlightseveral ethical facts about the practice of developing andusing digital tools for music but also to stress on the factthat Music Technology can be a platform for vigorousphilosophical meditation.