Katerina Gardikas coordinates DARIAH-DYAS activities within the University of Athens. The Faculty of History and Archaeology represents the University of Athens in the DYAS network (Greek Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities), which implements DARIAH-GR, the Greek chapter of DARIAH-EU, the European Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities.


A database project created with Heurist.
The Medicostatistical tables of 1838-1840 reflect the physical and sanitary conditions in the newly established state of Greece. The project aims to record, map and visualise the data and explore new ways of examining spatial information on the country's early days.


The project collects textual sources and images  of  locations in Greece in order to study how landscapes as cultural constructs have evolved, to reconstruct travel routes and to trace the development of particular landscapes over time. Visit project site.