Plants are an astonishing kingdom. Their existence keeps our planet and us alive. Even if we defeat malicious and contagious diseases, like cancer and AIDS, mankind’s survival on earth will always depend on these autotrophs and their remarkable products. Plants:

  • Enable us us to breathe.
  • Incorporate nutrients in our food chain.
  • Provide us with plant natural products (PNP).
  • Regulate the environment we live in.
  • Supply the fuels we depend on to sustain our daily lifestyle.

The genetic, molecular and biochemical analysis of key genes will allow us to decipher their biological function, their involvement in complex regulatory networks and consequently, to understand in depth various aspects of plant development. Hence, multi-disciplinary approaches may be able to define rational designed strategies, towards the development of novel plants with unique features and/or desirable properties.

Molecular Plant Development Practical Courses at NKUA (Greek)