Undergraduate & Postgraduate Degree Classes

The undergraduate curriculum of the Faculty of Biology at the University Of Athens (UOA) aims the training of scientists able to study the conditions that allow the emergence of life, the laws governing its existence and the parameters that specify its functions in the five organizational levels: molecules, cells, organisms, populations and ecosystems.

For this purpose, the Undergraduate Curriculum includes a number of courses that cover the wider discipline of Biology and provide to students a high level knowledge of modern topics on: a) Cell Biology and Biophysics, b) Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, c) Botany, d) Genetics and Biotechnology, e) of Zoology and Marine Biology, f) Ecology and Systematics, and g) Animal and Human Physiology. http://en.biol.uoa.gr/courses-offered/undergraduate-studies.html

On the grounds that Biological Sciences are at the forefront of Sciences acquiring a broad and interdisciplinary nature and combining disciplines within and outside their traditional borders, Faculty of Biology offers five Postgraduate Programs leading to the corresponding Master's degrees (MSc). http://en.biol.uoa.gr/courses-offered/postgraduate-studies.html

Lectures are given by me in the undergraduate and postgraduate classes shown on the left side menu.