Drug Formulation and Delivery

Natural products have served as a rich source for drug discovery and development. In the last decade their fruitful integration in the drug discovery pipeline declined due to their reduced bioavailability, mainly attributed to their poor aqueous solubility. We have investigated the interactions of the natural products quercetin (QUE) and silibinin (SLB) with (2-hydroxypropyl)-β-cyclodextrin (HP-β-CD). The complexation enabled amplification of the solubility of these natural products and in the same time retained their bioactivity.

Education of ROMA children

Education of ROMA children in the regions of central Greece, Attica and Southern Aegean" (Leader Centre for Intercultural Education, NKUA, Greece). Creation of web applications for the recording of action and data by region

ERASMUS + Small Collaborative Partnership

οERASMUS PLUS  Small Collaborative Partnership- Geo Ludens: Creating a tech tool to promote European Traditional Sport and Games from an intergenerational and inclusive perspective  (Ειρήνη Καμπερίου // Irene Kamberidou (MANAGER).

GSRT:Geobiology and Paleoceanography of the Eastern Mediterranean Middle Miocene

As evidence of global climate change continues to accumulate, scientists concentrate on models that might indicate the impacts of such change. Insight comes from examining past global change. One of the largest known global-climate shifts occurred in Middle Miocene time (between about 15.6 and 12.5 million years ago). This dramatic and irreversible shift set the stage for modern oceanic and atmospheric circulation, and for Quaternary bipolar glaciation.

HASE conference 2017

I am currenctly co-organizing the international conference of the Hellenic Association for the Study of English to be held in Athens in November 2017
"Beyond the Ruin: Investigating the Fragment in English Studies"