Applications of Nuclear Radiations (click here to expand)

Fundamental scientific knowedge is typically desired to offer back to society. In our modern times, applications of fundamental science exist in every day's life, industry, medicine, environment, materials and many other fields. When NuSTRAP Collaboration was formed, a central motivation was to advance the field of radiation applications joining forces from different scientific specialties. In that direction, there is a large portion of our joint work towards studies using gamma and X-ray radiation.

Book Presentation November 19, 2018: Work-Life (IIm) Balance...

(Αν) ισορροπία εργασίας και προσωπικής ζωής: Μια ποσοτική έρευνα στην Ελλάδα της κρίσης (Work - LIfe (Im) Balance, A quantitative Study in Greece in times of Crisis (also in English, free pdf online)
Συγγραφική ομάδα: Αλιπράντη-Μαράτου Λάουρα, Κατσής Αθανάσιος, Παπαδημητρίου Πύρρος ...


(2005-2006), eTEN/2004/1, e-learning, 517428, (Leader: Lydia Mondandon).

CREATIONS (2015-2018)

‘CREATIONS’ (2015-2018), H2020-SEAC-2014-1 CSA, 665917. The CREATIONS ( coordination action aims to demonstrate innovative approaches and activities that involve teachers and students in Scientific Research through creative ways that are based on Art and focus on the development of effective links and synergies between schools and research infrastructures in order to spark young people’s interest in science and in following scientific careers.

DARIAH - ATTICA - Development of Greek Research Infrastructure for the Humanities DYAS

Participation as deputy coordinator on behalf of the Faculty of History and Archaeology of the University of Athens in the research programme "DARIAH - ATTICA - Development of Greek Research Infrastructure for the Humanities DYAS (MIS: 431025)". Participating institutions: Faculty of History and Archaeology of the University of Athens, Academy of Athens, Research Institute “Athena”, Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (ICCS) of the NTUA, Athens School of Fine Arts, Foundation for Research and Technology of the University of Crete.


Katerina Gardikas coordinates DARIAH-DYAS activities within the University of Athens. The Faculty of History and Archaeology represents the University of Athens in the DYAS network (Greek Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities), which implements DARIAH-GR, the Greek chapter of DARIAH-EU, the European Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities.

Drug Formulation and Delivery

Natural products have served as a rich source for drug discovery and development. In the last decade their fruitful integration in the drug discovery pipeline declined due to their reduced bioavailability, mainly attributed to their poor aqueous solubility. We have investigated the interactions of the natural products quercetin (QUE) and silibinin (SLB) with (2-hydroxypropyl)-β-cyclodextrin (HP-β-CD). The complexation enabled amplification of the solubility of these natural products and in the same time retained their bioactivity.

Education of ROMA children

Education of ROMA children in the regions of central Greece, Attica and Southern Aegean" (Leader Centre for Intercultural Education, NKUA, Greece). Creation of web applications for the recording of action and data by region