Get Started
Create your website
Go to UoAScholar home page and click on "Create Website" button. Then view the default settings and press "Create your website". After website has been created successfully press "Select theme". Then in Appearance page select a theme, click on Save button at the end of the page and you are done! Don't worry, theme can be changed at any time!
Login and Edit your website
Get in administration environment in order to edit your website. Just go to your website and click Admin login button at the end on the right of the page to log in with your university username and password. Then you will be able to see the Control Panel (black top bar) as well as the tool icons for adding and editing widgets and content.
Theme and content
Change your personal info
If you wish to change your personal info for example your title from Lecturer to Assistant Professor, you need to complete an application here. When your info will be successfully changed in the University directory you will receive an email. Then you should go back to your scholar website and go to your personal info and click Edit widget > Save. Now your must be seeing your updated info in Scholar.
Set or change the theme of your website
On the Control Panel (top black bar) click on Appearance, select a new theme and flavor and press Save.
Add content
If you wish to add content in an existing menu category, click that category from the menu and then click Add new button.
If you wish to add a new page Content > ... on the Control Panel (black top bar) and add the type of page you like.
Example: Add a new event in your primary menu.

Go to Control Panel Content > ADD > Event complete the required fields. Check the "Provide a menu link" checkbox and press "Save".
Edit / Delete content
If you wish to edit or delete a post (e.g. a publication) you should go to Content > FIND > Posts on the Control Panel (black top bar), find the title of the post in the table and click on Edit or Delete on the right.
Upload your photo
On the photo placeholder, click the tool icon on the right top corner and select Edit Widget.
Add a publication
Go to Publications menu category, click the tool icon on the right top corner and select Add New > Publication. Complete all the required fields and press Save.
Import publications from online libraries
Instead of adding publications one by one you can import all publications in your website. You need to go to the online library where your publications are published, select all of them (or the ones you want to put in your website) and click Export. You can select to Export in one of the supported forms e.g. XML or BibTex. The file you exported should be saved in your computer. Now go to your website, select Publication > Import from the menu, import that file, select the File Type and click Import.
Select bibliographic format
Go on the Control Panel (black top bar) to Build > Apps > Publications and click settings link on the right. Select bibliographic format and click "Save".
Add menu categories
To add a new menu category go to Build > Menu on the Control Panel (black top bar) and select Add new link. Then select Item Type > Post and press Continue. Then give the Title of your category as it will appear on the menu and select Destination > New page. From the Create new drop down options select the type of page you want to create e.g. Page (in case you want to create a simple text page). Press Continue. Then fill in the Body section the content you want to put in this category. Press Save. Page is ready!

Another way to add menu category is click the tool on the right top corner of the menu and select Add menu item Then follow the steps described above.
Edit / Delete / Change order of the menu categories
Go to Build > Menu and select Edit to change the title of your category or Delete in case you wish to delete it. Drag & drop the menu categories to change their order.
Create subcategories of the main menu categories
Go to Build > Menu and Add a menu category (see first question of this section). Then drag & drop the new menu category under the main category you wish.
Change a page's layout
Go to Build > Layout on the Control Panel (black top bar). Select the type of page you want to edit its layout from the drop down menu. Drag & drop widgets from the horizontal widgets bar at the place you want, delete widgets if you don't need them or create new ones. Attention! Don't forget to press Save when you finish.
Give permission to other users to edit your website
Please send an email to
Add a new bibliographic format
Please send an email to
Add private page (only people who have the url will be able to see it)
Again an example is the best way to explain this.
Example: Add a new event that will only be accessed via url.

Go to Control Panel Content > Event complete the required fields. Uncheck the "Add link to primary menu" checkbox in Menu Settings tab. Then press URL path settings tab, uncheck the "Generate automatic URL alias" and fill in the URL alias you wish to have e.g. "myevent"and press "Save". The event has been created and you will be able to see it on page[your_username]/myevent.
What kind of support can I expect?
UoAScholar is a flexible platform for academic websites creation, designed to let you create your personal website on your own, assuming only a degree of familiarity with the basics of internet applications. Additionally, the support team will be available to help you and guide you, throughout this process, remotely via email or phone during helpdesk working hours.

However, if remote support is not sufficient or if your needs deviate significantly from the templatized functionality of the platform, in terms of design or presentation, then a different level of expertise and effort is required which is out of the scope of our support services. If this is the case you may still contact us for consultation and advise on how to proceed. Support email: false  tel: 2107275600