MATLAB Research Toolboxes and Packages

  1. A fuzzy WASD neuronet with application in breast cancer prediction. MATLAB package available through GitHub.
  2. Time-varying mean–variance portfolio selection problem solving via LVI-PDNN. MATLAB supportive material through Git-Hub.

  3. V-Shaped BAS: Applications on Large Portfolios Selection Problem. MATLAB package available through GitHub.

  4. Time-varying Black–Litterman portfolio optimization using a bio-inspired approach and neuronets. MATLAB packages available through GitHub Link1, Link 2.

  5. Time‑Varying Mean‑Variance Portfolio Selection under Transaction Costs and Cardinality Constraint Problem via Beetle Antennae Search Algorithm (BAS). MATLAB package available through GitHub.

  6. The option replication and portfolio insurance MATLAB Toolbox. Google site of the Toolbox  or MATLAB package available through GitHub.