Collimation of astrophysical MHD outflows


Tsinganos K, Vlahakis N, Bogovalov S, Sauty C, Trussoni E, Lima JJG. Collimation of astrophysical MHD outflows. [Internet]. 2003;287:103 - 108.


We explain in simple terms why a rotating and magnetized outflow forms a core with a jet and show numerical simulations which substantiate this argument. The outflow from a solar-type inefficient magnetic rotator is found to be very weakly collimated while the outflow from a ten times faster rotating YSO is shown to produce a tightly collimated jet. This gives rise to an evolutionary scenario for stellar outflows. We also propose a two-component model consisting of a wind outflow from a central object and a faster rotating outflow launched from a surrounding accretion disk which plays the role of the flow collimator.