Two-component Jet Simulations: Combining Analytical and Numerical Approaches


Matsakos T, Massaglia S, Trussoni E, Tsinganos K, Vlahakis N, Sauty C, Mignone A. Two-component Jet Simulations: Combining Analytical and Numerical Approaches. [Internet]. 2009;13:441 - 446.


Recent observations as well as theoretical studies of YSO jets suggest the presence of two steady components: a disk wind type outflow needed to explain the observed high mass loss rates and a stellar wind type outflow probably accounting for the observed stellar spin down. In this framework, we construct numerical two-component jet models by properly mixing an analytical disk wind solution with a complementary analytically derived stellar outflow. Their combination is controlled by both spatial and temporal parameters, in order to address different physical conditions and time variable features. We study the temporal evolution and the interaction of the two jet components on both small and large scales. The simulations reach steady state configurations close to the initial solutions. Although time variability is not found to considerably affect the dynamics, flow fluctuations generate shocks, whose large scale structures have a strong resemblance to observed YSO jet knots.