Associate Professor

Yiannis C. Bassiakos is Associate Professor at the University of Athens, Department of Economic Sciences. He studied Mathematics at the University of Athens and Statistics at Northeastern University in Boston (USA) where completed his doctoral studies. His scientific research focuses in Biostatistics, Sampling Theory and Design, Monitoring and Analysis of Surveys, and Innovation and R&D assessment. He has been professionally involved in consulting for the European Commission (EU-SPI, EUROMED, MORE I, ISTPact, and ERAWATCH projects and CISIII in Greece) in the same area as his scientific research. Previous positions held were at the National School of Public Administration and Institute of Continuing Education, the National School of Public Health and the public opinion research firm V-P.R.C. in Greece, and the AIDS Statistical & Data Analysis Center at the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA, USA. He has published over forty articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conference proceedings.