Publications by Year: 2015

Antonarakou, A., Kontakiotis, G., Mortyn, P.G., Drinia, H., Sprovieri, M., Besiou, E., Tripsanas E. Biotic and geochemical (δ18Ο, δ13C, Mg/Ca, Ba/Ca) responses of Globigerinoides ruber morphotypes to upper water column variations during the last deglaciation, Gulf of Mexico. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta [Internet]. 2015;170:69-93. Publisher's Version
Tsourou, T., DRINIA H, ANASTASAKIS G. Ostracod assemblages from Holocene middle shelf deposits of southern Evoikos Gulf (central Aegean Sea, Greece) and their palaeoenvironmental implications. Micropaleontology [Internet]. 2015;61:85-99. Publisher's Version