Krimpas, P. G., Loupaki, E., Pantazara, M., & Tziafa, E. (2022). Terminology issues in current translation practice (pp. 394). Athens: Kallipos, Open Academic Editions. Publisher's VersionAbstract
This book examines theoretical and applied terminology issues in the light of the translation process. In particular, it aims at introducing students to the basic principles of terminological science and its different applications in translation practice. This subject field, being interdisciplinary by nature, as it combines linguistics, translation, language technology as well as various other subject fields through the study of their terminology, has been an independent subject field for more than five decades. In today’s globalised and constantly changing technological environment, the need for appropriate multilingual communication makes the role of terminology even more crucial and directly related to translation studies. The book is structured in ten chapters, in which key issues related to terminology are studied. The discussion focuses inter alia on special languages and their particular characteristics, basic theoretical principles of terminology, the place of terminology in translation, terminology management, terminology products and data, as well as terminology management tools. Special emphasis is placed on language technologies that support terminological work in translation, such as termbases, terminological mining tools or corpus management tools, etc. Then the cases of specific types of texts, such as for example legal, medical, financial or EU texts, are studied and the particularities presented from a terminological point of view are analysed. The study is supported by extensive use of examples and authentic texts in various language pairs.
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