My main research interests revolve around understanding complex biological systems at the molecular and atomic level. In my laboratory we study the structure and function of protein biomolecules in an effort to understand their role, as well as the role of their disease-causing variants (such as rare mutations or single nucleotide polymorphisms), in the pathogenesis, predisposition and diagnosis of human disease. We furthermore aim to validate and complement existing genetic or clinical association studies by providing mechanism-based insight that can establish the diagnostic and prognostic value of protein biomarkers for human diseases. We are also involved in rational-drug design efforts focused on the protein molecules we are currently investigating. We guide and support these efforts by providing structural and mechanistic insight as well as developing and performing customised in vitro and cell-based assays. Please use the links below to explore current projects in the lab.

Molecular analysis of antigen processing and presentation

Mechanisms of aminopeptidase function

Structure and function of human apolipoproteins

Modulating antigen processing for cancer immunotherapy

Rational drug-design for molecules that regulate antigen presentation