2018, CathME4inclusiveSOCIETY (Open Call Collection OC-2018-1), Secondray Proposer

The proposal CathME4inclusiveSOCIETY aims at presenting innovative solutions to the European priorities related to inclusion and training for people with disabilities below the 33% dependency ratio. Having analysed the European background related to these societal challenges it is possible to verify some current actions of relevance and impact towards our target group. Although these actions include the priorities of social inclusion and training for disabled participants, it is important to realize that our action is very innovative in tackling the identified societal challenges. As an example, this COST Action will have several outcomes, such as the exchange of good practices and adapted guidelines for participants with disabilities, which will tackle social challenges like social and labour inclusion and digital literacy addressing the needs of either the participants as the society in general.
In addition, this COST action will allow for the target group the inclusion towards an open inclusive society through a participatory, personalized and flexible methodology adapted to the needs of the participants. It will have as its guiding principles: a) the capacity to develop and strengthen transactional networks b) the possibility of fostering the sharing and confrontation of ideas, c) the integration of an approach to practices and methods; d) the integration of this project in line with the Education and Training Goals of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

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December, 2018



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