APELLA records managment

Since 2008 we developed and maintain a dedicated software application in order to support the administrative services of the Secretariate of the Medical School (UoA) concerning the constitution of evaluation committees for the promotion or election of Faculty Members.

The current version of the application is linked to a database that contains the APELLA records of the Medical School (UoA) of members registered to the APELLA system. The software can automatically update the Department's records from the APELLA registry recruiting newly registered professors at the APELLA system. 

Also, it provides automated suggestions for the identification of newly registered Faculty Members with scientific field related to the Department's scientific domains. 

It provides search functions and different selection options for Faculty Members based on academic fields, positions, affiliations etc. 

An important feature of the software is the random selection (drawing) of members of evaluation committees.

Finally, the application offer automated extraction of the required details of the evaluation committee members (e-mails, positions, affiliations, scientific fields, etc), at institutional template documents.

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