Repro Tool

A semi-automated tool was developed in Excel for the analysis of reproducibility and agreement between repeated measurements. Measurement of biological and clinical data are often accompanied either by biological - physiological variation of the measured parameter or by inherent measurement errors related to the method or device used.

Reproducibility or precision of measurements is critical and very important in clinical practice and research.

The application computes various different statistical parameters that indicate precision and reproducibility of repeated measurements

  • Mean difference (bias)
  • Standard deviation of differences (SDD)
  • Coefficient of variation
  • Root of mean squared error (RMSE)
  • Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC)
  • Correlation coefficient (r) and R
  • Limits of agreement
  • Number of measurements outside the limits of agreement
  • Bland - Altman plots

    Copyright 2012. Theodore G. Papaioannou