Nuclear Structure (click here to expand)

The cornestones of contemporary Nuclear Physics are the investigation of structure, the dynamics between protons and neutrons, and the understanding of the quantum nucleonic interplay.

Applications of Nuclear Radiations (click here to expand)

Fundamental scientific knowedge is typically desired to offer back to society. In our modern times, applications of fundamental science exist in every day's life, industry, medicine, environment, materials and many other fields. When NuSTRAP Collaboration was formed, a central motivation was to advance the field of radiation applications joining forces from different scientific specialties. In that direction, there is a large portion of our joint work towards studies using gamma and X-ray radiation.

Nuclear Reactions & Astrophysics (click here to expand)

A nuclear reaction is a rather general term to describe the most fundamental phenomenon that Nuclear Physics deals with. The baby steps of Nuclear Science were completed on investigations of nuclear reactions with alpha particles emitted from radiation sources, such the Ra-226 alpha source Rutherford used to discover the atomic nucleus.