Measurements of $^{222}$Rn migration in soil


Ioannides KG, Papachristodoulou C, Karamanis DT, Stamoulis KC, Mertzimekis TJ. Measurements of $^{222}$Rn migration in soil. J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem. 1996;208:541–547.


The concentration of radon (222Rn) was measured in the soil near the ground surface, using CR/39 solid state nuclear track detectors. The measurements were carried out in PVC tubes at 0.25 m intervals up to 1.25 m. The detectors were etched in 7N NaOH solutions at 80°C. The ?-tracks from radon's decay were counted using a microscope. A microscopc-camera-computer system developed for automatic counting was also used. The results provide evidence for the non-diffusive transport of radon in soils. A transport length of (46.9 ± 3.2) cm was estimated for radon transport near ground surface. Also the variation of soil's radon concentration was correlate to humidity and atmospheric pressure. Copyright © 1996 Akade?miai Kiado?. All rights reserved.