Publications by Year: 2009

Fiori E, Georgiev G, Stuchbery AE, Jungclaus A, Balabanski DL, Blazhev A, Cabaret S, Clement E, Danchev M, Daugas JM, et al. Probing High‐Velocity Transient‐Field Strength Using Heavy‐ions Traversing Fe and Gd. In: AIP Conference Proceedings. Vol. 1165. ; 2009. pp. 120-121.
Lapoux V, Mougeot X, Keeley N, Drouart A, Alamanos N, Auger F, Avez B, Beaumel D, Blumenfeld Y, Dayras R, et al. Resonances of $^6$He via the $^8$He(p,t)$^6$He reaction. In: Conference: "12th International Conference on Nuclear Reaction Mechanisms": 15-19 Jun 2009, Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy. ; 2009. Website
Pakou A, Rusek K, Alamanos N, Aslanoglou X, Kokkoris M, Lagoyannis A, Mertzimekis T, Musumarra A, Nicolis N, Pierroutsakou D, et al. Total reaction and fusion cross sections at sub- and near-barrier energies for the system $^7$Li + $^{28}$Si. Eur. Phys. J. A. 2009;39:187.Abstract
Abstract  Fusion cross sections are extracted for the $^7$Li + $^{28}$Si system, via reaction cross section and transfer measurements at sub- and near-barrier energies ( E$_{lab}$ = 5.7 to 14 MeV). The energy evolution of transfer to reaction cross section ratios is determined with the aid of CDCC calculations, which subsequently allows the deduction of fusion cross sections at sub- and near-barrier energies. It is shown that fusion can be well represented in a BPM context. Fusion cross sections are compared for the systems $^7$Li + $^{28}$Si and $^6$Li + $^{28}$Si, the latter studied previously, and are found to exhibit different strengths. Last, the direct channels determined at 13 MeV, are found to be dominated by a 2n-transfer mechanism.
Stefanescu I, Walters WB, Mantica PF, Brown BA, Davies AD, Estrade A, Hosmer PT, Hoteling N, Liddick SN, Rae WDM, et al. Spectroscopy of exotic $^{121,123,125}$Ag produced in fragmentation reactions. Eur. Phys. J. A. 2009.