Publications by Year: 2016

Book Chapter
Καταπότη, Δέσποινα, and Γιώργος Βαβουρανάκης. 2016. Parthenon 2.0. In Αστικές γεωγραφίες: Τοπία και καθημερινές διαδρομές, Κρίστη Πετροπούλου and Ραμαντιέ, Τιερί, 196-207. Αθήνα: Εκδόσεις Καππόν.
Vavouranakis, Giorgos. 2016. A post-humanist approach to funerary ritual and its socio-historical significance: the Early and Middle Bronze tools tombs at Apesokari, Crete. In Staging Death: Funerary Performance, Architecture and Landscape in the Aegean, Anastasia Dakouri-Hild and Boyd, Michael, 253-273. Berlin: De Gruyter.