Biology courses at the Department of Philosophy and History of Science


  • Biology as a science (Short historical perspectives of Biology). Basic characteristics of life.
  • The chemistry of life (Hierarchy of molecular organization of the cell. Biological macromolecules, structure and functions).
  • Energy and metabolism (Laws of Thermodynamics. Biosphere. Biological system, Flow of energy in biosphere, in the cell. Flow of information in the cells and in the cell per se. Cellular metabolism. Metabolism regulation).
  • Cell, structure and functions (Cellular theory. Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells. Biological membranes. Cellular organelles. Nucleus). Cell cycle (Stages and Regulation of cell cycle. Cell division. Cell death).
  • Genetic Material, DNA (Structure and functions of the DNA). Flow of genetic information.
  • Genetics (Mendel and Classical Genetics). Mutations (Repair mechanisms).
  • Prokaryotic microorganisms, viruses (Microorganisms as tools for basic and applied biological research). Gene Regulation. Molecular Biology.
  • Biotechnology (Technology of Recombinant DNA. Transgenic Technology).
  • Tissues, Organs, Systems (Structure and functions of the nervous and immunological system).
  • Evolution of Life (Concepts about the evolution of life in the pre-Darwinian period. Darwin and natural selection. The new synthesis).
  • Contemporary Issues of Biology (Human Genome Project and Genome Projects for other model organisms. Bioenergy). Technologies and applications of contemporary Biology (Genomics, Proteomics. Bioinformatics, Technology of Stem cells (SC), In-vitro Fertilization (IVF), Gene Therapy, Cloning).
  • Ecology (Historical perspectives. Basics in Ecology).