Neutrino and Uhecr Spectra from MRK 421


Petropoulou M, Dimitrakoudis S, Mastichiadis A. Neutrino and Uhecr Spectra from MRK 421. In: Vol. 28. ; 2014. pp. 1460206.

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We present the neutrino and UHECR spectra obtained from a detailed fitting of the spectral energy distribution (SED) of Mrk 421 (March 2001) using two variations of the leptohadronic model. In particular, while the low-energy component (optical to X-rays) of the SED is fitted by synchrotron emission of primary electrons in both models, the high-energy one (GeV-TeV gamma-rays) is synchrotron emission attributed either to ultra-high energy protons (LHs model) or to secondary electrons produced by the decay of charged pions (LHπ model). In the LHπ case we find that the produced neutrino spectra are sharply peaked at Eν 30 PeV with a peak flux slightly below the IC-40 sensitivity limit for Mrk 421. In the LHs model, on the other hand, the neutrino spectra fall well outside the PeV energy range, but the calculated E 30 EeV — UHECR flux at earth is close to that observed by HiresI, Telescope Array and Pierre Augere experiments.