Publications by Year: 2023

Big Science in the 21st Century: Economic and societal impacts. 1st ed. (Charitos P, Arabatzis T, Cliff H, Dissertori G, Forneris J, Li-ying J). Bristol: IOP Publishing; 2023 pp. 928. Publisher's VersionAbstract
Authored by a diverse group of contributors, Big Science in the 21st Century offers a multifaceted view of the challenges, merits, and transformations of Big Science across different disciplines and geographical boundaries. It delves into the transformative role of Big Science in shaping the world we live in, from its historical roots in the aftermath of the Second World War to its contemporary interdisciplinary and international nature. The book is organized in five parts, each offering unique insights into the impact of Big Science. The first part looks at lessons from Big Science organizations and best practices in increasing the return of benefits to society. The second part offers the voice of key economists who have worked on assessment exercises concerning the socioeconomic benefits of large-scale research infrastructures. The third part traces the development of Big Science in the aftermath of World War II. The fourth part focus on the educational and cultural impacts that Big Science has beyond the laboratory, from the art gallery to the school classroom. The last part brings a more global perspective with contributions from other continents outside North America and Western Europe. The book is aimed at professionals involved in science policy and administration, economists interested in evaluating the results of scientific research, historians of science and technology, and anyone with an interest in scientific outreach and communication. 
Arabatzis T.
Introduction to part III: Big Science in a historical perspective
. In: Big Science in the 21st Century: Economic and societal impacts. Bristol: IOP Publishing; 2023. pp. 21-1 - 21-6.
Arabatzis T. Cognitive instrumentalism and the history of science. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science [Internet]. 2023;98. Publisher's VersionAbstract
Contribution to Book Forum on The instrument of science: Scientific anti-realism revitalised by Darrell Rowbottom