A comparative molecular dynamics, MM-PBSA and thermodynamic integration study of saquinavir complexes with wild-type HIV-1 PR and L10I, G48V, L63P, A71V, G73S, V82A and I84V single mutants


Tzoupis, H. ; Leonis, G. ; Mavromoustakos, T. ; Papadopoulos, M. G. A Comparative Molecular Dynamics, Mm-Pbsa And Thermodynamic Integration Study Of Saquinavir Complexes With Wild-Type Hiv-1 Pr And L10I, G48V, L63P, A71V, G73S, V82A And I84V Single Mutants. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2013, 9, 1754 - 1764.


Cited By :23Export Date: 23 August 2017