The use of J-coupling as a sole criterion to assign the total absolute stereochemistry of new pyrrolidinone class synthetic analogs, derived from S-pyroglutamic acid


Kellici, T. F. ; Ntountaniotis, D. ; Vanioti, M. ; Golic Grdadolnik, S. ; Simcic, M. ; Michas, G. ; Moutevelis-Minakakis, P. ; Mavromoustakos, T. The Use Of J-Coupling As A Sole Criterion To Assign The Total Absolute Stereochemistry Of New Pyrrolidinone Class Synthetic Analogs, Derived From S-Pyroglutamic Acid. Journal of Molecular Structure 2017, 1129, 195 - 199.


Export Date: 23 August 2017